BUILDER’S LEGACY 358R Hercoflat Roller Texture

PREMIUM ROLLER TEXTURE is a premium quality sand texture primer formulated specifically for easy brush and roll application. Formulated with a proprietary HERCOFLAT aggregate, this non-abrasive sand-like texture provides a more uniform finish than traditional pumice additives. This heavy-bodied texture paint provides a washable surface that helps to minimize drywall dents, taped seams, and other minor surface imperfections.

PREMIUM ROLLER TEXTURE is designed to easily provide a uniform sand-like finish on interior surfaces. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including drywall, plaster, and properly prepared painted surfaces. Easy brush and roll application makes it ideal for remodel and renovation work where spray application can be prohibitive.

Product Features

• Easy, Uniform Application

• Eon-Abrasive Sand Texture

• Easily Blend Drywall Repair

• Low-Odor, Low-VOC

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
358R-1 Premium Roller Sand Texture – White SDS TDS
358R-2 Premium Roller Sand Texture – Antique Ivory SDS
Quality Level

Builder's Legacy




Drywall Texture, Interior



Product Name Sell Sheet
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