BUILDER’S LEGACY 367 Professional Primer Surfacer

HI-BUILD PRO SURFACER is high-building primer/sealer formulated to improve finish coat performance on residential and commercial projects. The added film thickness helps to reduce signs of drywall repair and trade damage typically found in commercial construction. Improved film integrity creates a uniform porosity between drywall paper and joint compound that is compatible with all interior finishes.

HI-BUILD PRO SURFACER is designed to minimize the minor surface imperfections found on walls and ceilings including nicks, dents, paper fuzz, and mud pinholes. Formulated specifically for professional spray application, it is ideally suited for commercial and production application.

Product Features

• High-Building Primer/Sealer

• Available in High and Low Viscosity

• Great Enamel Hold-Out

• LEED v4 Compliant

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS (English)/th>

TDS (Español)
367 Hi Build Pro Surfacer SDS TDS_ENG TDS_ESP
367LV Hi Build Pro Surfacer – Low Viscosity SDS
367-2 Hi Build Pro Surfacer – Antique Ivory SDS
367-2LV Hi Build Pro Surfacer – Antique Ivory Low Viscosity SDS
367-2SP Hi Build Pro Surfacer – Antique Ivory Spatter SDS
Quality Level

Builder's Legacy




Drywall Surfacer, Interior

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