TIMBERSHADES 185 Premium Exterior 100% Acrylic Solid Stain

TIMBERSHADES ACRYLIC SIDING STAIN is a 100% acrylic opaque wood stain that provides long lasting color and weather protection on exterior siding. Formulated using the same thixotropic technology as our other exterior products enables the pickup and release from the brush for faster and cleaner application. The high hiding acrylic formula provides a flexible coating with excellent UV protection perfect for Wisconsin seasonal changes.

TIMBERSHADES ACRYLIC SIDING STAIN is formulated specifically for exterior wood surfaces requiring an opaque finish. The acrylic formula makes it a fantastic maintenance stain that resists fading and will never chalk. It is best used for shakes, siding, fencing, and most hardboard surfaces. It is not recommended for decks, doors, or any horizontal surfaces.

Product Features

• Easy Brushability

• Advanced Color Protection

• Mildew Resistant

• Strong Adhesion

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS (English) TDS (Español)
185 100% Acrylic Flat Siding Stain SDS TDS_ENG TDS_ESP
185-B2 100% Acrylic Flat Siding Stain – Base 2 SDS
185-B3 100% Acrylic Flat Siding Stain – Base 3 SDS
185-B4 100% Acrylic Flat Siding Staint – Base 4 SDS
Quality Level



100% Acrylic


Exterior, Wood Stain

Product Name Sell Sheet
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