BUILDER’S LEGACY 356 Classic Spray Texture

SAND TEXTURE HI-BUILDS products are a collection of the finest sand texture products available. These professional-grade textures contain a unique aggregate that creates an even spray pattern increasing consistency during sprayouts while reducing wear on texture machines and pumps. Special non-course aggregate provides a more washable texture that tradition pumice additives.

SAND TEXTURE HI-BUILDS products are designed for consistent application while minimizing drywall imperfections including dents, tape points, and seams. Formulated for professional application, these spray-only products are intended for residential and commercial new construction and remodeling projects. LEED v4 compliance allows for use on projects that require the strictest air quality standards.

Product Features

• Decorative Sand Texture

• Durable, High Building Finish

• Consistent Appearance

• Zero-VOC, LEED v4 Compliant

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
356-2 Pro Spray Texture Hi Build Primer – Antique Ivory SDS TDS
Quality Level

Builder's Legacy




Drywall Texture, Interior