METALGUARD – METAL SIDING REFINISH 178 Premium 100% Acrylic Metal Siding Re-Finish

METAL KOTE is a 100% acrylic exterior coating designed to minimize surface preparation and provide maximum adhesion and lasting color changes to metal siding. High acrylic resin content combined with rust-inhibitors creates a strong, corrosion-resistant bond to even weathered and lightly chalked surfaces. METAL KOTE is available in an attractive eggshell sheen that closely resembles factory pre-finished siding, allowing for greater uniformity between buildings.

METAL KOTE is designed to combat the challenges of recoating pre-finished and chalking metal siding. Stronger binders and corrosion resistance make it ideal for use on metal siding, windows, trim, and other prepared vertical surfaces. Can be applied to residential, commercial, agricultural, and light industrial buildings.

• Consistent Sheen

• Excellent Longevity

• Easy Application

• Soap & Water Clean-hp

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
178 Metal Siding Paint SDS TDS
178-B4 Metal Siding Paint – Base 4 SDS
Quality Level



100% Acrylic



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