FLOOR KOTE 309 Premium 100% Acrylic Floor Enamel

FLOOR KOTE is a 100% acrylic floor coating designed to enhance and protect walking surfaces. Formulated for simplified application, this single-component waterborne floor finish required no mixing, sweat-in time, or pot-life. This waterborne finish withstands moderate abrasion conditions including foot and rubber wheel cart traffic. The matte finish allows for easy recoat maintenance with minimal surface preparation.

FLOOR KOTE is formulated easy application and maintenance in areas with light to moderate traffic. It is ideal for interior and exterior masonry floors, patios, sidewalks, basement floors, and other surfaces.

Product Features

• Stain-Resistant Finish

• Easy Maintenance

• Multi-Surface Application

• 100% Acrylic Formula

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Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
309-1 Acrylic Floor Enamel – Pro White SDS
309-5 Acrylic Floor Enamel – Gray SDS TDS
Quality Level



100% Acrylic



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