BUILDER’S LEGACY 530 INSUL KOTE Interior Latex Vapor Barrier Primer


INSUL KOTE VAPOR BARRIER is a specialty primer designed to protect against moisture loss through walls and ceilings. When applied properly, this product exceeds ASTM and Federal Housing Administration requirements for permeability protecting against structural and mold damage. Increase construction efficiencies with this functional coating that primes and seals drywall, joints, and seams while providing a 0.3 perm rating eliminating the need for traditional polyethylene film barriers.

INSUL KOTE VAPOR BARRIER is formulated for interior use to protect against moisture permeability. Formulated for use in new construction and prefabricated homes, it can be applied to new or previously painted drywall, cured plaster, and smooth masonry surfaces. Can also be used to prime canvas-wrapped pipe insulation.

Product Features

• Vapor Barrier Primer

• Independently Tested Performance

• Excellent Enamel Hold-Out

• Low-Odor, Low-VOC

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530 Insul Kote Vapor Barrier SDS TDS
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