FOUNDATIONS 526 STAINGUARD Premium 100% Acrylic INT/EXT Stain Blocker/Primer

STAINGUARD is a premium acrylic stain blocking primer designed to block and seal typical household and commercial stains. This multi-purpose primer seals in stains such as marker, crayon, lipstick, graffiti, light water stains, and dark paint colors. The versatile 100% acrylic resin has excellent adhesion and flexibility allowing it to be used on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Its high hiding, waterborne formula provides a low-VOC, low odor, quick dry alternative to solvent-based primers.

Apply STAINGUARD to seal in stains on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces including wood, plaster, drywall, hardboard, masonry, ceilings, trim, acoustical ceiling ties, and other porous surfaces. Can be applied to new and previously painted surfaces. Severe stains may require multiple coats or an alternative system. May be used under conventional latex or alkyd topcoats.

Product Features

• Tough 100% Acrylic Formula

• Excellent Adhesion

• Interior and Exterior use

• Low Odor and Low-VOC

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
526 Acrylic Stain Blocker Primer SDS TDS
Quality Level



100% Acrylic


Exterior, Interior

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