TIMBERSHADES 188 Designer Exterior Waterborne Solid Color Stain

TIMBERSHADES ALKYD-ACRYLIC SOLID SOLID is our finest exterior solid stain designed to help beautify and protect your exterior wood surfaces. Formulated to meet the expectations of designers and architects, TIMBERSHADES ALKYD-ACRYLIC SOLID SOLID maintains the natural texture of wood surfaces while providing long-lasting color and weather protection. Hybrid alkyd-acrylic technology provides the penetration, repellency, and adhesion of an alkyd with the color retention and easy application of an acrylic.

TIMBERSHADES ALKYD-ACRYLIC SOLID SOLID provides an opaque finish and superior protection from Wisconsin’͛s harsh weather extremes. Best used on new wood surfaces and recoating properly prepared wood surfaces. Can be used on decks, siding, logs, shingles, shake, furniture, and fencing.

Product Features

• Hybrid Alkyd-Acrylic Technology

• Superior Adhesion and Color Retention

• Mildew and Algae Resistant

• Hydrophobic Technology

• Natural Opaque Finish


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS (English) TDS (Español)
188 Waterborne Solid Color Deck And Siding Stain SDS TDS_ENG TDS_ESP
188-B2 Waterborne Solid Color Deck And Siding Stain – Base 2 SDS
188-B4 Waterborne Solid Color Deck And Siding Stain – Base 4 SDS
Quality Level





Exterior, Wood Stain

Product Name Sell Sheet
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