GRIPCRETE 166 Acrylic Masonry & Plaster Primer


MASONRY & PLASTER PRIMER is specifically formulated to prime and seal masonry surfaces against alkali and efflorescence. Use on above-grade masonry and plaster surfaces to protect subsequent finishes from breakdown and burn-through caused by elevated pH levels. Minimize downtime and trade disruption by coating fresh masonry and plaster in as little as seven days.

MASONRY & PLASTER PRIMER is the ideal primer for interior and exterior smooth masonry surfaces. Protecting from alkali and efflorescence make it ideal for tilt-up and poured concreted, block, brick, stucco, EIFS, and plank siding. Tolerating pH levels of 7-13, allows for worry-free application to new, “hot” interior plaster.

Product Features

• High-Performance Primer/Sealer

• Alkali-Resistant Coating

• Efflorescence Blocking Technology

• Excellent Adhesion to Masonry

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