FOUNDATIONS 112 PRIMEGUARD Premium Exterior Acrylic Primer

PRIMEGUARD is a premium acrylic primer that provides exceptional adhesion and sealing of new and existing exterior wood surfaces. Alkyd-modifIed waterborne technology offers great adhesion to bare and previously coated wood that outperforms multi-purpose primers. The unique formulation provides a flexible seal that is perfectly suited for Wisconsin’s varying climate.

PRIMEGUARD ACRYLIC PRIMER is designed for application to new and previously painted exterior surfaces such as wood and hardboard siding as well as cured plaster, stucco, and masonry. It is not intended to be used as a stain blocker or specialty adhesion primer over slick surfaces. Can be top-coated with both alkyd and acrylic finishes.

Product Features

• Low Odor Water-Based Formula

• Faster Recoat Time

• High Hiding

• Exceptional Flexibility

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112 Acrylic Exterior Primer SDS TDS
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Exterior, Wood Primer/Sealer

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