TIMBERSHADES 197 Designer Exterior Semi-Transparent Long Oil Deck & Siding Toner

TIMBERSHADES ALKYD SEMI-TRANSPARENT is our original exterior semitransparent deck and siding stain designed to highlight the natural beauty of wood surfaces. The deep penetrating formula provides a durable, water repellent finish that can withstand steady exposure and foot traffic. Easy single coat application allows for easy maintenance and woodcare for years to come.

TIMBERSHADES ALKYD SEMI-TRANSPARENT is formulated for exterior use on prepared wood surfaces including decks, siding, fences, and playsets. It may be used on both new and most previously stained cedar, pine, redwood, log, half-log, shake, and other wood surfaces.

Product Features

• Hydrophobic Technology

• Rich and Natural Pre-Mixed Colors

• Single Coat Application

• Enhanced Natural Appearance

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS (English) TDS (Español)
197 Semi-Transparent Wood Toner Series SDS TDS_ENG TDS_ESP
197-49 Semi-Transparent Wood Toner – Cedartone Gold SDS
197-51 Semi-Transparent Wood Toner – Natrual Cedartone SDS
197-53 Semi-Transparent Wood Toner – Cedartone Brown SDS
197-56 Semi-Transparent Wood Toner – Pickle White SDS
Quality Level





Exterior, Wood Stain

Product Name Sell Sheet
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