DROP DRY Professional Interior Alkyd Dryfall

DROP DRY ALKYD is an interior alkyd dryfall designed for professional spray application. Overspray falls dry at or above 10 feet at 77ºF with 50% relative humidity for easy sweep clean-up. Solvent-based formulation provides exceptional adhesion and helps prevent flash-rust on metal surfaces. Higher levels of titanium dioxide in the formulation means increased coverage and hide allowing for faster application.

DROP DRY ALKYD products are designed to improve light reflectance and aesthetics in interior cavernous spaces. Formulated for improved adhesion, this product allows for application to surfaces ranging from structural steel to paneling. It is ideally used in commercial and industrial buildings, including warehouses, arenas, and manufacturing facilites.

Product Features

• High-Hiding White

• Excellent Adhesion

• Flash-Rust Resistant

• Dry Drop (10+ft. under normal conditions)

Available Sheens

• Flat Finish – 241 Series

• Eggshell – 242 Series


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
241 Drop Dry Alkyd Interior Flat SDS TDS
242 Drop Dry Alkyd Interior Series SDS TDS
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