METALGUARD ALUMINUM KOTE 320 Premium Interior/Exterior Metal ReFinish

ALUMINIUM KOTE is a premium ready-mix aluminum coating designed for professional application. This non-fibered coating provides a uniform, high-gloss aluminum finish. The leafing/flake aluminum formula creates an aluminium “barrier” providing maximum corrosion and heat resistance. The reflective coating helps reduce indoor temperatures for improved living and working conditions.

ALUMINIUM KOTE is formulated specifically for commercial and agricultural uses. Providing a long-lasting and uniform finish, it can be used on a variety of surfaces including fences, poles, sign markers, structural steel, piping, machinery, equipment, and storage tanks. It can also be used as a maintenance roof coating over previously painted surfaces and other aluminum coatings. Not intended to be applied directly to bare galvanized surfaces.

Product Features

• Bright Aluminum Coating

• Excellent Corrosion Resistance

• High-Temperature Resistant

• High-Gloss Finish

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320 Aluminium Kote Gloss SDS TDS
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