METALGUARD 330 Premium Quick Dry Alkyd Rust-Inhibitive Primer

METALGUARD QD PRIMER is a professional grade, rust-inhibitive primer formulated for coating steel and iron. The fast-drying phenolic alkyd resin provides a corrosion resistance base-coat that dries to the touch in as little as 30 minutes. This “universal” primer can be finished with a variety of topcoats including waterborne, alkyd, epoxy, and other high-performance finishes.

METALGUARD QD PRIMER is formulated to help protect interior and exterior ferrous metal surfaces. This protective coating has easy application properties both in the field on projects or as a shop-coat primer in controlled environments. Ideally used to prime and protect structural steel, hand rails, storage tanks, machinery, piping, and other ferrous metal surfaces.


Product Features

• Universal Primer

• Rust-Inhibitive Coating

• Interior/Exterior Application

• High Building Primer

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS (English) TDS (Español)
330 Alkyd Rust-Inhibitive Primer SDS TDS_ENG TDS_ESP
330-R Alkyd Rust-Inhibitive Primer Red SDS TDS
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Exterior, Interior, Metal Primer

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