FOUNDATIONS 525 SEALZ-IT Premium Oil-Based Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer

SEALZ-IT is a fast-drying alkyd primer/sealer formulated to prime and seal a variety of new and previously coated surfaces. Quick-dry solvents allow for finishing in as little as an hour for faster job completions. Alkyd resin technology creates a strong seal to block out water stains, nicotine stains, tannins when spot priming exterior wood, and much more. Formulated to be a quick-fix solution to stains and priming needs, it is not intended to replace the benefits of premium and specialty primers.

Apply SEALZ-IT to lock-in stains and odors on a variety of new and previously painted surfaces͗ wood, plaster, drywall, hardboard, masonry, water-damaged walls, ceilings, trim, and other porous surfaces. May be used to prime surfaces prior to receiving vinyl wall coverings.

Product Features

• Quick Dry Solvent

• Stain Blocking Primer

• Easy Sanding

• Improved Coverage

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