METALGUARD 334 Premium Zinc Dust Primer TT-P-641

METALGUARD ZINC DUST PRIMERS are high performance primers formulated to provide maximum protection on metal surfaces. then applied properly, zinc-rich primers help form a durable, protective coating to extend the service life of metal surfaces. These single-component organic zinc primers require no mixing for easy field and maintenance application. Designed for use with architectural and light industrial acrylic coatings, or left as a finish to produce a weathered galvanized appearance.

METALGUARD PREMIUM ZINC DUST PRIMER is designed for exterior application on surfaces needing added corrosion resistance. These Type II zinc primers are formulated specifically for high-heat exposure making them great for exterior metal surfaces including siding, metal roofs, and structural steel. Optional low-solids version available fo areas with minimal corrosion or needing less protection.


Product Features

• Strong Corrosion Resistance

• Zinc-Rich Formulation

• Excellent Adhesion

• Optional Finish Coat


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334 Premium Zinc Dust Primer SDS TDS
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