FOUNDATIONS 111 PRIME KOTE Premium Exterior Alkyd Primer

PRIME KOTE is a premium exterior alkyd wood primer designed for tannin blocking and superior, long-lasting adhesion to wood surfaces. This high solids, slow drying alkyd primer provides deep penetration on weathered wood surfaces for maximum hide and holdout. The high-solids formulation provides exceptional hide while blocking tannins and other extractive bleeding from leeching into subsequent finish coats.

PRIME KOTE is intended for use on both new and previously painted wood, hardboard, and manufactured wood surfaces. This premium exterior primer is the ideal primer for cedar, redwood and other species prone to extractive bleeding. Can be top-coated with both alkyd and acrylic finishes.

Product Features

• Long-Oil Primer

• Excellent Tannin Blocker

• Superior Adhesion

• High Solids Formula

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
111 Based Primer White SDS TDS
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Exterior, Wood Primer/Sealer

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