METALGUARD 338 Premium Acrylic DTM Primer/Finish

METALGUARD DTM ACRYLIC PRIMER/FINISH is a waterborne coating designed to provide corrosion resistance in commercial and light industrial applications. Formulated for adhesion to a variety of surfaces, it forms a tight, flash rust resistant bond to clean steel. Streamlined product mixes by using this single source product to prime and finish prepared steel, galvanized, and factory-primed surfaces.

METALGUARD DTM ACRYLIC is formulated for professional application on commercial, light industrial, and maintenance products. This versatile coating can be applied to hand rails, metal doors and frames, trim, steel supports, galvanized duct work, metal siding, and many other surfaces. It can be top coated with a variety of coatngs or left as a satn finish coat on interior or exterior surfaces.

Product Features

• Direct to Metal Acrylic

• Single-Source Metal Primer/Finish

• Excellent Adhesion and Durability

• Low Odor, Low-VOC


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
338 DTM Acrylic Metal Primer SDS TDS
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Exterior, Interior, Metal Primer

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