BUILDER’S LEGACY Pro Smooth Hi-Build

PRO SMOOTH HI-BUILD is a production high-build primer/finish formulated to prime, surface and finish drywall with a single product. Designed for coating new drywall, the higher film-build hides minor drywall imperfections and trade damage while producing an attractive, washable finish. Material and labor savings are achieved with increased speed and efficiency by applying the equivalent of three coats of traditional paint in a single pass.

PRO SMOOTH HI-BUILD is formulated to provide an economical single-source system for coating new drywall. This high building primer/finish is perfectly suited for residential, multi-family and commercial spaces looking for added savings and value. Designed for professional high-volume production, this product is intended for spray application only.

Product Features

• Cost & Labor Savings

• Single-Source System

• Low-Odor, Low-VOC

• Production Orientated Finish

Sheen Offerings

• Flat Finish – 354 Series

• Lo-Sheen – 362 Series

• Eggshell – 361 Series


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
354 Pro Smooth Hi-Build Flat SDS TDS
354-2 Pro Smooth Hi-Build Flat – Antique Ivory SDS
362 Pro Smooth Hi-Build Lo Sheen SDS TDS
361 Pro Smooth Hi-Build Eggshell SDS TDS
Quality Level

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