EARTHSCAPES Environmentally Responsible Premium Interior Latex Wall Paint

EARTHSCAPES ceramic finish is designed to deliver a premium finish with exceptional durability in sensitive environments. The Zero-VOC formula creates virtually no odor allowing painting to happen virtually undetected, minimizing the impact when painting in occupied spaces. The ceramic-enhanced formula creates a highly scrubbable protective barrier that repels stains and burnishes helping reduce maintenance costs.

EARTHSCAPES, with enhanced protection and improved application properties, is a premium alternative to traditional architectural finishes. LEED v4 compliance partnered with great hide and touch-up qualities make it a fantastic selection for commercial, institutional, and residential projects looking to meet the strictest air quality standards.

Product Features

• Durable Ceramic Finish

• Easy Stain Removal

• Anti-Microbial Protection

• Virtually Odor-Free

• Exceptional Coverage

• Zero-VOC, LEED v4 Compliant

Sheen Availability

Flat – 261 Series

Lo-Sheen – 272 Series

Eggshell – 274 Series

Semi-Gloss – 281 Series


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
261 Latex Flat Wall Paint SDS TDS
261-B2 Latex Flat Wall Paint – Base 2 SDS
261-B3 Latex Flat Wall Paint – Base 3 SDS
272 Latex Lo-Sheen Wall Paint SDS TDS
272-B2 Latex Lo-Sheen Wall Paint – Base 2 SDS
272-B3 Latex Lo-Sheen Wall Paint – Base 3 SDS
274 Latex Eggshell Wall Paint SDS TDS
274-B2 Latex Eggshell Wall Paint – Base 2 SDS
274-B3 Latex Eggshell Wall Paint – Base 3 SDS
281 Latex Semi-gloss Wall & Trim SDS TDS
281-B2 Latex Semi-gloss Wall & Trim – Base 2 SDS
281-B3 Latex Semi-gloss Wall & Trim – Base 3 SDS
Quality Level





Eggshell, Flat, Lo-Sheen, Semi-gloss



Product Name Sell Sheet
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