BUILDER’S LEGACY 355 Classic Hand Texture

MASTER KOTE interior wall finishes are designed to meet the needs of today’s professional applicator. As a part of the Builder’s Legacy system, these products are formulated for easy, reliable application with good hide and touch-up qualities. The flat finish provides an ultra-flat sheen that reduces drywall imperfections in critical lighting. While the moisture-resistant eggshell finish provides an even, uniform sheen ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and traffic areas.

MASTER KOTE provides a high-hiding, uniform finish that meets the needs of today’s production new construction market. The zero-VOC, LEED v4 compliant formulation works for commercial projects looking to meet the strictest air quality standards. These products are best used for painting drywall and cured plaster in residential, multi-family, institutional, and commercial buildings.

• High-Hiding Finish

• Excellent Walk-Away Appearance

• Easy Application and Touch-up

• Zero-VOC, LEED v4 Compliant

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355 Classic Hand Texture SDS TDS
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