AQUAPOXY1 Premium Single Component Waterborne Epoxy

AQUA POXY 1 is an innovative waterborne single-component epoxy with the performance of a two-component epoxy and the convenience of an acrylic. This ready-to-use epoxy finish requires no catalyzing or sweat-in time, thus creating an infinite pot life for simplified application and improved cost-saving with reduced material waste. The low-odor epoxy finish is durable enough to withstand repeated washing with most typical cleaning solutions, and protects from the rigors of heavy wear such as marring, staining, moisture, and discoloration.

AQUA POXY 1 is a professional coating formulated for maximum protection and convenient maintenance. The highly-durable finish provides protection for vertical surfaces requiring maximum protection, such as hallways and corridors, bathrooms, dormitories, healthcare facilites, and schools. Formulated for improved application, allows for use on commercial, industrial, and institutional products.

Product Features

• Cost-Saving Finish

• Convenient Maintenance

• Improved Service Life

• Low-Odor, Low-VOC

• No Mixing/Catalyzing

• Easy Recoat

Sheen Availability

• Eggshell Finish – 514 Series

• Semi-Gloss – 515 Series

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
514 One Part Eggshell Epoxy (Single Component) SDS TDS
514-B4 One Part Eggshell Epoxy (Single Component) – Base 4 SDS
515 One Part Semi-Gloss Epoxy (Single Component) SDS TDS
515-B4 One Part Semi-Gloss Epoxy (Single Component) – Base 4 SDS
Quality Level



Acrylic Waterborne


Eggshell, Semi-gloss



Product Name Sell Sheet
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