Color Palette: Timeless Finish

As we look forward to warmer weather and sharing time outdoors with friends and family, this month marks an ideal opportunity to reinvent our front and back yards.

From our 2021 trend palette, the neutral grey-brown, Big Spender and dark slate of Deep Space are accompanied by an easy white, a soft muted green and a rich foliage shade. Classic and timeless, this month’s palette of laid-back and natural colors has been designed to inspire you to truly make the most of your outdoor space.

Aspire to effortless sophistication in your backyard with neutral duo, Big Spender and White Fence. Subtle and elegant, Big Spender makes a great color choice for garden pergolas while White Fence freshens up weather-worn exterior siding. Pairing beautifully with natural stone and nature’s greenery, craft a picture-perfect spot for entertaining and alfresco dining.

A smart and refined pairing in muted green Arbor Vitae and another color from our 2021 trend palette, Deep Space. Together, these will elevate front doors and porches to create a welcome entrance. Sit back and let your garden greenery take center stage with wooden fences and seating areas in Baby Vegetable. This natural dark green acts as the perfect backdrop for a colorful garden display.

Looking to completely transform the exterior of your home this season? Why not try a timeless combination of Deep Space and White Fence? Sophisticated yet impactful, Deep Space is ideal for updating exterior siding. To highlight and enhance the beauty of this dark hue add White Fence to fascias, columns, window and door frames. Finish with plenty of shrubs and plants to frame your home and create a classic and polished statement.

Bring your foliage and vegetation to life with time-friendly paint projects. Deep Space can completely transform wooden fencing for allotments and smaller yards while storage sheds are given a simple yet effective revamp in Arbor Vitae. So, enjoy the outdoors and update your exteriors this month with a timeless selection of understated, classic hues. Our next article will focus on customer friendly application ideas for cafés, bars and hospitality.

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