Color Palette: A Warm Welcome

As restrictions ease and we look forward to socializing and dining in our favorite cafés and restaurants again, now is an ideal opportunity to refresh and reinvent hospitality spaces. With a mood of relaxed comfort, we explore how this refined and versatile palette of quiet neutrals, eggshell pink and a decadent dark brown can completely transform cafés, bars and restaurants. So, look forward to reopening your doors with a customer-friendly atmosphere just in time for summer.

restaurant interior background, dark wall

Opt for an indulgent, monotone scheme with a single application in 0143 Connoisseur for restaurants with indoor seating. This atmospheric, smoky brown is an ideal shade for creating intimate dining experiences. Finish with low lighting, dark upholstered seating and simple table dressing, for a sophisticated and elegant style.

Both calming and uplifting, tinted white 0017Luna Moon and gray 0210Hidden Cove; two shades from our 2021 Color of the Year trend palette, make a great choice for large, open plan cafés. This nuanced, neutral duo pairs beautifully with natural woods and rattan lighting to optimize natural light.

For smaller spaces create a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers to unwind and socialize with warm gray, 0198 Young Colt. Combine this easy neutral with seating in decadent 0143 Connoisseur and plenty of indoor foliage to tempt passersby.

Create the perfect customer-friendly café with the subtle warmth of 0036 Fortune’s Prize, 0210 Hidden Cove and 0017 Luna Moon. From the morning commuter in need of a quick caffeine-fix to the lunchtime rush, this wholesome selection of neutrals feels instantly welcoming. For added comfort and personality invest in varnished wooden surfaces, bright white tiles and twinkling hanging lights

As we look forward to the warmer weather, why not update your outdoor areas to create the perfect spot for alfresco dining? Restaurant exteriors are given a dramatic and luxurious lift in the dark and velvety 0143 Connoisseur. Looking to the lighter side of this month’s palette, an inviting scheme of warm neutrals pairs beautifully with rustic seating, sure to catch the eye of potential customers. r

Our next article will focus on inspirational tips for refreshing kitchens and bathrooms.

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