Color Palette: Think Green

Feeling a little unfocused at work? Create the change you need with a palette of natural and uplifting greens. Inspired by botanicals, shaded and cool dark and mid-tone greens are calming while a yellower green and creamy white bring a touch of freshness. A gentle grey delivers a soft neutral balance. Whether you’re working solo from home or renovating a shared space you can revitalize the environment for you and your team to enjoy.

Color swatches of  0704 Plateau, 0745 Chic Shade, 0580 Rippled Rock, 0809 Rain Boots, and 0411 Cyprus Spring.
Cafeteria room filled with leafy tropical plants.

Plateau is a cool and restorative green, perfect for shared spaces such as canteens and break-out areas. Apply this lush foliage inspired hue to a feature wall and bring depth to larger spaces. To amplify this atmospheric color, add leafy tropical indoor plants and create focal points for staff to rest and rejuvenate before heading back to work.

Home office with 0580 Rippled Rock walls and small plant on desk.

For optimal motivation in home offices choose schemes that feel fresh. Working with the lighter neutral hue, Rippled Rock and the yellow tinted white, Cyprus Spring brings a mood of positivity while making your studio feel bigger. Add Rain Boots through painted plant pots for an added pop of color.

Waiting room with  0745 Chic Shade walls with multiple clocks on the wall.

For office reception and waiting areas the calming Chic Shade is an ideal choice. This shaded mid-tone green is both relaxing and sophisticated, especially when paired with upholstery and soft accessories in the stone inspired Rippled Rock. Keep remaining walls in Cyprus Spring and accessories in brushed brass for a modern and refined look. Finish with plenty of greenery for a truly inviting space.

With a universally positive effect upon wellbeing, a palette of living greens is a perfect way to update work areas and offices. Whether you’re looking to refresh your office at home or renovate larger contract spaces, this month’s collection of colors creates a motivational atmosphere of harmony and positivity.

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