CLEARGUARD V364 Designer Acrylic Urethane Satin Wood Care Finish

CLEARGUARD WATERBORNE ACRYLIC URETHANE is a premium clear finish for interior wood surfaces. This water-white satin finish provides a beautiful, crystal-clear coating that is non-yellowing for truer wood tones that last. With good resistance to water, oils, household cleaners, and abrasion, CLEARGUARD WATERBORNE ACRYLIC URETHANE brings durable protection to wood surfaces.

CLEARGUARD WATERBORNE ACRYLIC URETHANE is designed to protect a variety of vertical wood surfaces with a crystal-clear finish. With easy brush, roll, pad, and spray application, it is ideally used on doors, trim, cabinets, furniture, and other craft products. Designed strictly for vertical surfaces, it is not intended to be used on cutting boards, counter tops, or walking surfaces.

Product Features

• Crystal-Clear, Non-Yellowing Finish

• Attractive Satin Finish

• Low-Odor Formula

• Soap & Water Clean-Up

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
V364 Acrylic Urethane SDS TDS
Quality Level



Acrylic Urethane




Clear Wood Finish, Interior

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