Color of the Year 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, reconnecting with nature and creating meaningful moments with loved ones is what’s most important. To reflect this, our homes will become a sanctuary where we feel grounded and can build memories to cherish forever. With this in mind, we introduce our color of the year Prosperity 0107, a deep and rich shaded pink, designed to reassure and support. To inspire you, we’ve designed three striking palettes featuring our 2023 trend colors that highlight the versatility of our color of the year. With Prosperity at the center of each, it’s time to discover your own vision for the future and enrich your home with one precious hue.

Prosperity is the perfect color choice for rooms where rest and relaxation are treasured. Paired with a soft uplifting white, Twinkle Twinkle, and the gentle warmth of Thistle Gray and Ranch House, living rooms and bedrooms are transformed into spaces to comfort. Used judiciously, Prosperity pairs beautifully with blue Abstract Idea and earthen pink Sauterne, ideal for creating a personal sanctuary for your little ones to dream and reset.

If you prefer bold, statement styling, this confident, eclectic palette is just right for you! The dramatic aspect of Prosperity is accentuated by two saturated jewel tones, Lemon Bar and Romantic Night. In addition, the monochromatic trio, crisp White Shoulders, Thistle Gray and black November Storms add depth and definition. In 2023, create meaningful memories in spaces to entertain or bring your personality to studies and bedrooms with a little creative expression.

The grounding quality of Prosperity makes this an ideal choice for spaces where you can be at one with nature. Taking inspiration from fall harvests and rural landscapes, our color of the year is joined by rich earthen Orange Ballad, energising green Motherland, and a clear sky blue, Atmospheric Pressure. The addition of Bleached Meadow and Calm Interlude further enrich the palette. From farmhouse-style bathrooms and kitchens to rustic bedrooms and even the façade of your home, welcome the outdoors in with Prosperity.

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