Color of the Year 2022

2022 welcomes a new chapter. A collective wish for new beginnings leads us to thoughtful hues that support healing, reflection, and a sense of optimism. Our color of the year, the softly shaded lavender, Desireé 1219 is designed to express these hopes, and bring dreams of renewal to life.

To inspire you, we’ve designed four beautiful palettes featuring our 2022 trend colors, with Desireé at the heart of each. Within these, we hope you’ll discover your own vision for 2022.

Paired with the cool neutral Lady Nicole, the subtle floral mood of Desireé brings a unique touch to a traditional period home. Taking inspiration from established country gardens and dark woods, we’ve added a tonal trio of softly shaded natural greens, from mid-tone Rediscover, to dark leafy Vegetarian and the shadowy depths of Terra Pin. Use these balancing hues to blend with natural materials and lush vegetation for a picture perfect home.

The ethereal quality of Desireé makes it an ideal choice if you prefer clean and classic styling. In this airy contemporary palette, in addition to the eternally versatile Dove White, we’ve introduced three yellows to complement the purple undertone of Desireé. Light and breezy Martica, gentle Ivory Parchment and the rich golden accent, Impulse. Take inspiration from Scandinavian design with simple furniture shapes, pale woods, and neutral accessories.

Bring a new lease of life to period rooms and vintage pieces with Desireé. In this comforting craft inspired palette of complementary blue and orange-based hues, our color of the year comes to life. Rich Autumn’s Hill and creamy Turkscap have a natural cocooning warmth, while the tonal duo of Blue Pot and Happy Tune bring a lovely uplifting note. This is a scheme to bring a balanced color mood to any room in the home, simply style with upcycled and artisanal crafted pieces.

Desireé is a natural color choice for rooms where wellbeing is the focus. Pair with grounding neutrals, Fireplace Mantel and soft Sheepskin for a meditative space and Madonna Blue for a relaxing scheme. For a refreshing uplift, Yellow Umbrella is the perfect zingy accent.  From yoga studios to fitness spaces and the sanctuary of your bathroom, Desireé is the color of renewal.

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