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Color Is

hallman/lindsay is thrilled to introduce Color Is! This color system has 1320 colors with extra large color chips that are 2.875 inches x 4.25 inches- giving you a larger area to be able to best envision your new color selection. Try our test quarts for only $5.99 for an even more accurate trial of what these new fresh paint colors will look like on your wall.





























Signature Colorizer

hallman/lindsay also has the Signature Colorizer system. This system offers 1680 colors that have been thoroughly researched and selected based on comparison to other color systems in use today. Included in this system are 60 high hiding whites and 60 bold accent colors. The exceptional range and balance of colors offered by this system makes it the perfect selection for all your color needs.

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Historic Colors of America

A final color system hallman/lindsay is proud to carry is the Historic Colors of America collection.From Beetroot red and Curry yellow to Biloxi Blue and Blue Winged Teal, our forefathers (and mothers) displayed a decidedly bold palette when it came to choosing colors for their early American homes, barns and places of worship. The historically accurate colors in this system, comprised of 149 interior and exterior colors, were created from actual paint samples taken from historic buildings and historic artifacts such as folk carvings and corner cupboards.


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