RUSTIC STAIN 187 Premium Exterior Alkyd Solid Stain

RUSTIC KOTE SOLID STAIN, part of our long-standing RUSTIC KOTE product family, is designed using original alkyd stain technology. The rustic, opaque finish protects and enhances the natural beauty and texture of wood. Alkyd technology delivers deep penetration and strong hold for exceptional single-coat coverage on new and previously stained wood surfaces.

RUSTIC KOTE SOLID STAIN is formulated specifically for exterior wood surfaces requiring an opaque finish. Can be used as a first-coat stain to help block tannins and promote adhesion or a long-lasting alkyd solid stain. It is best used for shingles, shakes, siding, fencing, and most hardboard surfaces. It is not recommended for decks, doors, or other horizontal surfaces.

Product Features

• High-Solids Formula

• Tannin Blocking

• Deep Penetrating Alkyd

• Self-Priming

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
187 Alkyd/Oil Solid Color Stain SDS TDS
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