PURE 275 Designer Low Odor Solvent/VOC Free Interior Eggshell Wall+Ceiling Paint


PURE is our most advanced environmentally responsible interior wall paint. Created to address rigorous indoor air quality standards through our virtually odorless, zero VOC, and solvent free formulation. PURE
offers supreme burnish & stain resistance and is exceptionally scrubbable for your home or commercial office spaces. Basically, it’s really great paint made & mixed in Wisconsin for You!

This luxurious designer quality finish is low-splatter by roller application, available in 1,000s of colors and touches-up well. PURE’s advanced moisture-resistant technology and anti-microbial benefits makes it a
better choice than traditional paints for healthcare and senior living or any room you live your home life. This is also a great paint for dorms or even hotels/resorts/multi-family communities. PURE is manufactured in Wisconsin making it the most local paint you can buy and a portion of each sale goes to help local nonprofits, another example of promoting regional sustainability and social responsibility.

Product Features

  • Easy-Clean Technology™
  • Exceptionally Scrubbable Finish
  • Environmentally Sustainable Formulation
  • Odor-Free, Solvent-Free, Zero-VOC
  • Full Spectrum Colors
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Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
275 PURE Interior Eggshell – White Base SDS TDS
275-B2 Latex Eggshell Wall Paint – Base 2 SDS
275-B3 Latex Eggshell Wall Paint – Base 3 SDS
275-B2 Latex Eggshell Wall Paint – Base 4 SDS
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