LUSTRE 285 Designer 100% Acrylic Interior Satin

LUSTRE KOTE is a premium interior wall finish designed to provides elegance and durability to homes and offices. Paint glides off the brush and roller for easy, buttery application that reduces roller stipple and brush marks for a rich, full-bodied appearance. The 100% acrylic formula offers tough protection for repeated washing and stain resistance allowing most spots and blemishes to wipe off with soap and water.

LUSTRE KOTE is formulated to create premium wall finishes with silky, smooth application qualities. The exceptional durability of the 100% acrylic resin make it ideal for areas that are subject to heavy use including offices, hallways, baths, kitchens, and classrooms. Apply these products on brush and roll residential and office painting projects requiring a distinguished finish.

Product Features

• 100% Acrylic Formula

• Silky Application

• Premium Coverage

• Exceptional Durability

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
285 Wall Paint – 100% Acrylic SDS TDS
Quality Level



100% Acrylic





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