LUSTRE 280 Designer 100% Acrylic Interior Lo – Sheen


LUSTRE is a Designer Quality Interior wall finish providing elegance and durability to fine homes and commercial offices.  This high-end finish glides off the brush or roller with a rich silky appearance and buttery application reducing roller stipple and brush marks.  This full-bodied formula is 100% acrylic offering a luxurious look and feel even after repeated washing.  LUSTRE provides stain resistance allowing most blemishes to wipe off with soap and water or mild household detergent.  LUSTRE is formulated in Wisconsin for designer spaces with silky, smooth application qualities.  The exceptional 100% acrylic resin durability is ideal for busy households, high traffic commercial offices and hospitality/event centers, as well as, hallways, baths, kitchens, and classrooms.  Apply LUSTRE to enhance Designer Quality projects for a silky, smooth finish.

Product Features

• 100% Acrylic Formula

• Silky Application

• Premium Coverage

• Exceptional Durability


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
280 100% Acrylic Lo-Sheen Wall Paint SDS TDS
280-B2 100% Acrylic Lo-Sheen Wall Paint – Base 2 SDS
280-B3 100% Acrylic Lo-Sheen Wall Paint – Base 3 SDS
280-B4 100% Acrylic Lo-Sheen Wall Paint – Base 4 SDS
Quality Level



100% Acrylic





Product Name Sell Sheet
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