GRIPCRETE 180 Premium ELASTAGUARD Elastomeric Coating


ELASTGUARD is a professional grade elastomeric coating created to protect and beautify exterior masonry surfaces. The 100% acrylic formulation has low temperature flexibility and can elongate up to 300% to bridge moving hairline cracks. For maximum protection, apply up to 16 dry mils to produce a continuous, pinhole-free finish that protects from extended UV exposure and wind-driven rain.

ELASTGUARD is designed specifically for vertical masonry surfaces requiring flexibility and moisture protection. Ideally suited for exterior surfaces, it can be used for residential, commercial, and institutional new and repaint projects. Apply to a variety of prepared surfaces including wood, metal, and masonry surfaces such as EIFS, stucco, block, and tilt-up.

Product Features

• Wind-Driven Rain Protection

• Exceptional Elongation

• Strong Adhesion

• Low-Odor, Low-VOC

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
180 Acrylic Elastomeric – Eggshell SDS TDS
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