GRIPCRETE 183 FILL & FINISH Premium Acrylic Satin Block Filler & Finish


GRIPCRETE FILL & FINISH is designed to provide efficiencies and cost saving measures when coating concrete block, precast, and other masonry surfaces. The single-use, high-building products reduce labor and material costs by filling, sealing, and finishing masonry surfaces in two coats instead of traditional three-coat systems. When applied properly, these products will create a smooth, pinhole-free finish that beautifies and protects masonry surfaces.

GRIPCRETE FILL & FINISH is formulated for easy and efficient finishing of masonry surfaces. The attractive satin finish provides lasting protection and application efficiencies for commercial and light industrial surfaces. Designed for application to masonry surfaces, these products can be applied to new and repainted block, brick, concrete and other masonry surfaces.

Product Features

• Efficient Coating System

• Lasting Protection & Finish

• High-Build Application

• Interior & Protected Exterior Coating

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183 Acrylic Satin SDS TDS
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