FAST DRY 251 Premium Interior Latex Flat Dryfall


FAST DRY LATEX DRYFALL is an interior latex coating designed to improve lighting quality and aesthetics of interior spaces. This fast-drying film is designed for overhead application allowing for overspray to dry within 10 feet at 77ºF with 50% relative humidity for easy sweep clean-up. Low-odor waterborne technology has easy application with minimal air-quality impact on other trades or production. Standard formulation has increased levels of titanium dioxide for improved coverage, flash rust resistance, and improved light reflectance.

FAST DRY LATEX DRYFALL is designed for professional spray application on areas receiving little to no wear. The latex resin allows for application to properly prepared surfaces including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete block, brick, plaster, drywall, and wood. It is ideally used in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings including warehouses, gymnasiums, arenas, and

manufacturing facilities.

• High-Hiding White

• LEED v4 Compliant

• Non-Yellowing Formula

• Excellent Adhesion

• Flash Rust Resistant

• Dry Drop Qualities

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
251 Latex Flat Interior – Deck White SDS TDS
251RI >Latex Flat Interior – Deck White RI SDS
251W Latex Flat Interior – White SDS
251WRI Latex Flat Interior – White RI SDS
251-B4 Latex Flat Interior – Base 4 SDS
251-B4RI Latex Flat Interior – Base 4 RI SDS
251-6JB Latex Flat Interior – Jet Black SDS
251-6JBRI Latex Flat Interior – Jet Black RI SDS
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