DURAKOTE 171 Professional 100% Acrylic Exterior Flat


DURAKOTE is a 100% acrylic exterior coating designed to meet the specific needs of professionals. Formulated with Dew-Shield Technology, this performance grade finish is resistant to early moisture in as little as one hour helping to protect from bubbling, sagging, and surfactant leaching. Easy brush, roll, or spray application reduces time on the job. Low-temperature application with moisture tolerant technology results in less weather delays helping to extend your painting season.

When timing matters most, DURAKOTE is the professional coating of choice for repaint and new construction projects. Formulated with flash-rust and efflorescence blockers, it is ideal for projects involving tilt-up masonry, wood, metal siding, and other prepared surfaces.

• Early Moisture Resistance

• Excellent Resistance to Dirt Build-Up

• Flash-Rust Inhibitive

• Mold & Mildew Resistant

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
171 100% Acrylic Flat House Paint SDS TDS
171-B2 100% Acrylic Flat House Paint – Base 2 SDS
171-B3 100% Acrylic Flat House Paint – Base 3 SDS
171-B4 100% Acrylic Flat House Paint – Base 4 SDS
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