DROP DRY 243 Professional Hi-Tech Lo-Odor Eggshell – Deck White

DROP DRY HI-TECH EGGSHELL is a premium low-odor interior alkyd dryfall designed for professional spray application. Fast drying solvents resist flash rust and allow airborne spray particles to dry at or above 10 feet at 77ºF with 50% relative humidity for easy sweep clean-up. Formulated for stronger adhesion, increased hide, and improved performance over marginally prepared surfaces

DROP DRY HI-TECH EGGSHELL is designed to be a problem solver for dryfall projects looking to improve light reflectance and aesthetics in interior spaces. This low-odor dryfall is formulated for improved application and performance while minimizing impact when spraying. It is ideally used in commercial and industrial buildings including warehouses, arenas, and manufacturing facilities.

Product Features

• High-Hiding Dryfall

• Excellent Adhesion

• Resists Yellowing

• Low-Odor Alkyd Formula

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243 Hi-Tech Low-Odor Eggshell SDS TDS
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