BUILDER’S LEGACY 228 WALL PREP Classic First Kote Interor Wall Primer


CLASSIC FIRST KOTE WALL PRIMER DRYWALL PRIMERS are specialized products designed for preparing uncoated drywall for texturing. Formulated to create uniform porosity between joint compound and face paper, they produce a uniform base allowing for better texture uniformity. These primers are built for professional application to help reduce joint banding and photographing.

CLASSIC FIRST KOTE WALL PRIMER is a commercial-grade drywall primer that creates a uniform porosity while providing a moderate level of enamel holdout. This product is formulated for commercial, multi-unit, and residential construction products. Formulated specifically for priming under texture, it is not intended for use under wall coverings.

Product Features

• Uniform Porosity

• Faster Production

• Improved Hold-Out

• Zero-VOC, LEED v4 Compliant

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