ARTISAN 273 Designer Interior Acrylic Eggshell


ARTISAN is our finest line of interior paint designed to provide a luxurious finish enhancing the aesthetics and livability of home and office spaces. The elegant, yet resilient, matte and eggshell formulas provide moisture and stain release for a lasting, immaculate appearance. Enhanced resin technology provides exceptional coverage, seamless touchup, and with virtually no odor, allows painting products to nearly go undetected.

Formulated to meet the highest quality and performance standards, ARTISAN is ideal for products requiring outstanding performance from traditional wall finishes. The durable 100% acrylic formula protects and beautifies in high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms as well as high traffic areas where durability matters most. ARTISAN is ideal for home and office design products.

Product Features

• High Solids 100% Acrylic Formula

• Long-Lasting Durable Coating

• Luxurious Finish

• Superior Burnish Resistance and Stain Release

• Ant-Microbial, Moisture-Resistant Technology

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
273 Wall Paint SDS TDS
273-B2 Wall Paint – Base 2 SDS
273-B3 Wall Paint – Base 3 SDS
273-B4 Wall Paint – Base 4 SDS
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