AQUA ALKYD 292 Designer Interior/Exterior Satin Enamel


AQUA ALKYD is a waterborne enamel designed to provide a smooth, durable finish for doors, trim, and cabinets. Hybrid technology creates a finish that combines alkyd-like durability and hardness with the convenience of low-odor, soap and water clean-up. This high-hiding enamel self-levels to eliminate brush marks and roller stipple, producing a smooth, spray-quality finish.

AQUA ALKYD is designed for consistent, smooth finishing of properly prepared wood and metal trim, molding, cabinets, and doors. It may be used on a variety of projects ranging from residential and multi-unit construction to commercial, institutional, and light industrial facilities. With virtually no odor and LEED v4 compliance, it is an ideal enamel for sustainability-focused projects.

Product Features

• Advanced Alkyd-Acrylic Technology

• Zero-VOC, LEED v4 Compliant

• Exceptional Flow and Leveling

• Early Block Resistance

Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
292 Millwork & Trim SDS TDS
292-B2 Millwork & Trim – Base 2 SDS
292-B3 Millwork & Trim – Base 3 SDS
292-B4 Millwork & Trim – Base 4 SDS
Quality Level







Exterior, Interior

Product Name Sell Sheet
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