JET DRY Premium Solventborne-Acrylic Enamel

JET DRY ACRYLIC ENAMEL is a premium solvent based acrylic enamel formulated for fast drying and rapid recoats. This high performance alkyd-acrylic provides a weather resistant finish that has good gloss and color retenton. tith a 15 minute dry tme, you are able to spray out multple coats and return to service the same day.

JET DRY ACRYLIC ENAMEL is formulated for professional spray applicaton only. It is ideal for use on equipment, piping, machinery, structural steel, storage tanks, railings, furniture, and many other substrates. Can be applied over existng coatngs only after test samples have confrmed compatbility of coatngs.

Product Features

• High Producton Finish

• Fade Resistant Formula

• Fast Return to Service

• Weather Resistant Coatng


Product Number Product Description SDS TDS
570 Acrylic Eggshel SDS TDS
Quality Level







Exterior, Interior

Product Name Sell Sheet
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