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Hallman Lindsay Stain Blockers on sale in October
HOT PRICES for 525 Sealz-It & 526 StainGuard!

$17.99/gallon - reg. $29.99          $84.99/5 gallons - reg. $144.95

We are tired of rain in Wisconsin this year!  Generally, variance in humidity and sudden temperature change are givens in our home state, but this year is even more extreme. 

Both Sealz-It and StainGuard were developed right here in Wisconsin by chemists in our lab to deal with Wisconsin and its weather. 

Try them both at a great price!


525 Sealz-It is a Primer/Sealer Stain Block with a fast dry alkyd formula.

• Interior and spot prime for exterior.

• Blocks water-based stains.

• Sandable.

• Seals in stains such as marker, crayon, lipstick, grafitti, smoke, soot and charred surfaces.

• Seals in odors.

• Excellent hold out.

• High-hiding.

• Use on variety of surfaces.

• Use under wall coverings.


526 StainGuard is a water based acrylic Stain Blocker. 

• Interior and exterior.

• Excellent adhesion.

• Outstanding flexibility.

• Great problem solver for weathered wood.

• Low odor.

• Easy water clean up.

• Blocks stains such as marker, crayon, lipstick, rusty nail heads, graffiti, water, and tannin.


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