Paint Made in Wisconsin for Wisconsin since 1956

Product List

Product Number Product Line Brand Namesort descending Resin Type Use Sheen Special Features Product Type SDS TDS
182-1 Pro Series Kril Fill 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Satin Premium Fill & Finish Block Filler SDS TDS
183-1 Pro Series Fill and Finish Acrylic Interior/Exterior Satin Fill & Finish Block Filler SDS TDS
172 Weatherguard Weatherguard Satin 100% Acrylic Exterior Satin House Paint SDS TDS
285 Lustre Kote Lustre Kote Satin 100% Acrylic Interior Satin Wall Paint SDS TDS
292 Aqua Alkyd Aqua Alkyd Satin Alkyd Interior/Exterior Satin Water Based, Zero VOC Enamel SDS TDS
294 Pro Kote Pro Kote Satin Latex Interior Satin Low VOC Wall & Trim SDS TDS
V368 Woodshades Polyurethane Satin Polyurethane Interior Satin Clear Wood Finish SDS TDS
V364 Waterborne Acrylic Urethane Woodshades Acrylic-Urethane Interior Satin Clear, Brushable Wood Finish SDS TDS
V365 Waterborne Urethane Woodshades Waterborne-Urethane Interior Satin Clear Floor Finish SDS TDS
316 Pro Series KrilGuard Satin Acrylic Interior Satin Waterborne Enamel SDS TDS
318 Pro Series Duratech Satin 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Satin Enamel SDS TDS
334 Foundations MetalGuard Premium Zinc Dust Primer Alkyd Interior/Exterior Satin Natural Gray, Zinc Dust TT-P-641 Metal Primer SDS TDS
335 Foundations MetalGuard Zinc Dust Primer Alkyd Interior/Exterior Satin Metallic Gray Zinc Dust Metal Primer SDS TDS

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