Paint Made in Wisconsin for Wisconsin since 1956

Product List

Product Numbersort descending Product Line Brand Name Resin Type Use Sheen Special Features Product Type SDS TDS
172 Weatherguard Weatherguard Satin 100% Acrylic Exterior Satin House Paint SDS TDS
182-1 Pro Series Kril Fill 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Satin Premium Fill & Finish Block Filler SDS TDS
183-1 Pro Series Fill and Finish Acrylic Interior/Exterior Satin Fill & Finish Block Filler SDS TDS
285 Lustre Kote Lustre Kote Satin 100% Acrylic Interior Satin Wall Paint SDS TDS
292 Aqua Alkyd Aqua Alkyd Satin Alkyd Interior/Exterior Satin Water Based, Zero VOC Enamel SDS TDS
294 Pro Kote Pro Kote Satin Latex Interior Satin Low VOC Wall & Trim SDS TDS
316 Pro Series KrilGuard Satin Acrylic Interior Satin Waterborne Enamel SDS TDS
318 Pro Series Duratech Satin 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Satin Enamel SDS TDS
334 Foundations MetalGuard Premium Zinc Dust Primer Alkyd Interior/Exterior Satin Natural Gray, Zinc Dust TT-P-641 Metal Primer SDS TDS
335 Foundations MetalGuard Zinc Dust Primer Alkyd Interior/Exterior Satin Metallic Gray Zinc Dust Metal Primer SDS TDS
V364 Waterborne Acrylic Urethane Woodshades Acrylic-Urethane Interior Satin Clear, Brushable Wood Finish SDS TDS
V365 Waterborne Urethane Woodshades Waterborne-Urethane Interior Satin Clear Floor Finish SDS TDS
V368 Woodshades Polyurethane Satin Polyurethane Interior Satin Clear Wood Finish SDS TDS

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