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July Color Trends

Inspired by structure and form, this is a palette that looks to reduce visual noise with an updated version of neutrals. With blackened darks, muted mid-tones and chalky pales, this mix is ideal to create and a unisex appeal this July. Shades appear de-saturated, adding to the stripped back aesthetic of the theme, treading the line between color and non-color.



Add a sense of clarity to your home this July with the universal appeal and unisex style of this collection. These colors offer an updated sense of minimalism, perfect for a wide range of environments.


Hallman/Lindsay Paints looks to Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company, and publisher of MIX Magazine for interior decorating advice and ideas. Colour Hive has a track record of accurate colour trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide


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