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August Color Trends

Here we look to inject some energy into your home this August with this playful mix and match palette. These sugary shades of bubble gum pink and saturated lilac are balanced with deliberate dark blue tones to create an expressive attitude that is sure to bring a bright and bold aesthetic to any interior. 



Discover dynamic and playful tones and bring a feeling of optimism into your home with this complete color range. 0599 FLORIDA WATERS, 1261 CHILDISH WONDER, 0689 ATMOSPHERE,1099 DIMPLE and 1139 TUTU join together to create an exciting mix and match palette with a range of decorative possibilities.


Use in combination throughout your home for the ultimate palette of refreshing yet considered colors suitable for a range of spaces. Pair these colors with decorative touches such as painted furniture, wood textures, ceramics and interior accessories for a revitalizing atmosphere and refreshing take on interiors. Explore the enhancing potential of this eclectic palette and confidently step into the world of bright and bold colors for your home.



Hallman/Lindsay Paints looks to Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company, and publisher of MIX Magazine for interior decorating advice and ideas. Colour Hive has a track record of accurate colour trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide

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