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Tech Advancement Brings Top-of-the-Line Paint: Artisan

Do you ever think about the type of product hiding within the paint can? You might think every paint product is the same and provides the same results, right? Nope!

For Hallman Lindsay Paints, there is so much research being done to continuously improve the technology of their paint before they seal the lid and happily send it off with their customers.

Hallman Lindsay's ArtisanWhich is why Hallman Lindsay Paints has developed Artisan, their new premium paint that’s 100% acrylic and redefines the top of Hallman Lindsay’s product line for interior wall paints.

“As we tested the new technology available in acrylics, we saw an opportunity to make something new that differentiated itself from the rest of our products,” explains Steve Olson, Lab Director at the factory in Sun Prairie where the paint is made. “The number one strength of Artisan is serviceability. It is a very tough finish that has excellent washability and excellent stain resistance.”

Washability and durability: two characteristics that are music to any homeowner’s or painter’s ears because, let’s face it, high traffic areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can get messy in a blink of an eye!

Artisan is also kind to a homeowner’s nose since it has Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and Low Odor. Hallman Lindsay Paints continuously meets industry standards by investing in environmentally responsible coatings to ensure a healthier product for people and the planet.

Artisan is a worth-while investment and can handle the projects homeowners envision. It still gives customers what they are used to from Hallman Lindsay Paints, which is Wisconsin’s best paint.

263 - 100% ACRYLIC MATTE





• 100% Acrylic formulation for outstanding adhesion

• Great for use in higher moisture areas, such as kitchen and bath

• Low odor and zero VOC

• Unsurpassed burnish resistance and washability

• Exceptional scrub & stain resistance

• Easy application properties

• Superior touch-up

• Contains mildewcide for mold and mildew resistance

• Meets criteria set forth by the N.S. Green Building Council LEED - NC, version 2.2 And LEED-CI version 2.0

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