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5 Colors That Will Refresh Your April


Painting season is upon us! Are you ready to update your colors for April? Keep it simple and light with this April palette:




With a refreshing and modern feel, this hue is experimental and can confidently lift your spaces. It celebrates the digital world, introducing a human element to technology. This tone works well in kitchen spaces and in children’s bedrooms for a dynamic and energized effect.







This tone has a glowing warmth and brings a sense of sunshine to the inside. Surround yourself with the lustrous heat of this hue and combine this color with other deep earthy shades. This grouping is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms as it exudes an elemental glow that is sure to make your space cozy and friendly.







Appealing to our sweet tooth and magpie eye, this powdered and pale hue embodies a carefree attitude with an indulgent edge. This sugary shade has a joyful message that encourages a mix and match style. The milky undertones and soft finish of this tone creates the perfect option for updating kitchens and bathroom areas.







Reduce visual noise with this controlled aesthetic and striped back approach to blue. This color references the delicate forms we find in nature, but with a purity that demands attention. A genderless and seemingly universal grayed blue adds clarity and a reassuring sense of precision within a space. Use in combination with a palette of cool neutrals for a contemporary update. This hue adds a touch of clean modernity to your bedrooms and study areas for a current and refreshing outcome. 







This dark alluring tone strips away unnecessary elements to highlight the beauty of the structure of a space. It forms a clean and minimal palette that looks to intense monochrome combinations to reveal what is essential within your home. This black creates a sense of focus within rooms such as office areas and hallways; use in small amounts to highlight architectural details and create a sense of clarity.






Hallman/Lindsay Paints looks to Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company, and publisher of MIX Magazine for interior decorating advice and ideas. Colour Hive has a track record of accurate colour trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide. 

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